Schools asking for donations

Many schools in the UK could gain from donation of funds collected by mobile phone recycling. Millions of new cell phones are manufactured and sold every year, with around 80 per cent end up in landfills. The phones contain metals inside which are becoming rarer for many countries including Japan, which is a leader in production of world’s electronics. That is precisely why companies pay to people to engage in mobile phone recycling.

After you have recycled your mobile phone, you could donate the proceeds to any of the schools, if you have school kids yourself you may wish your donation to benefit them. Schools can use these additional funds for not only bringing in new and modern technology, but also to upgrade their buildings in order to enhance the student experience.

You could also donate the funds earned through phone recycling to the numerous charities available. Mobile phone recycling is important for a number of reasons. Not only is the individual paid in cash for recycling, but it also is a great deed. Even if the funds are required to pay for the new cell phone or in case one is struggling financially, your efforts in saving the environment are still appreciated.

Precious metals contained in these phones, for instance, nickel, can be reused. Even the plastic used to make the phone can be melted again and reused for cell phones or other electronics. The schools focusing on recycling of phones are also teaching students how important recycling is.

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