Recycling Cell phones for the new Windows OS

Cell phone owners may opt now for recycling if they wish to use the brand new Windows Phone operating platform.

Cell phone recycling has always attracted many people since as you can receive funds for turning in any old phone. An announcement talking about an entry level Windows powered phone in the United Kingdom has got everyone excited. It would effectively mean that more and more people will now recycle their old mobile phones in order to receive the new platform. T Mobile and Nokia will join hands to bring the US and UK a new platform.

Both in the UK and US, it may definitely bring about a higher number of recycled phones, as soon as the platform is released in both the countries.

Nokia also claims that it will provide the largest network of 4G in the US. They also have features such as People Hub which makes it easy for family and friends to communicate. There is something more to the new phone platform too. You can even enjoy many other applications as well as tools such as T Mobile TV, Netflix and a top web browser. Juniper Research states that in 2012, Nokia Lumia 710 will probably be ranked as one of the very popular phones, especially as it will have the new OS Windows 8. Goes without saying that cell phone recycling will offer funds for people to upgrade to the new operating system.

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