November, 2011

Nov 11

Recycling? Clean Your Phone First!

For criminals and us alike, recycling of mobile phones is enormously lucrative.

Apart from being unfortunate, dealing with criminals is a pain. Needless to say, one has to be extremely wary of criminals and ensure protection of our wallets, mobile phones and all other electronic devices, even while carrying them around.  It must not come as a shock when a warning gets issued to consumers reminding them of wiping their cell phone clean before initiating the process of recycling.

You must ensure that all the notes, contact numbers and other saved data are fully removed from the cell phone, before it is sent to any recycling centre.  If a SIM card is present in the mobile phone, it must be removed too before being sent for recycling. You must remember that your SIM card contains all the data that can be of use to a criminal. Not all mobile phones will have a SIM card which is removable, so it is even more crucial to learn to wipe all the data before the phone is turned in.

Selling the mobile phone to a reputed recycling company may also not guarantee that it will not land up into wrong hands. Therefore, most companies go a step forward and refurbish their phones, add a new SIM card and make sure that no data remains before it is up for resale.  In the UK, an average of about 75 million phones get upgraded or replaced in one year, in turn implying that there exists a high possibility of your mobile landing in wrong hands.

Nov 11

Perks for Recycling Mobile Phones

If you are asked a question whether or not you will jump off a bridge if your friend is doing so too, would your reply be No?  As per the old adage, I believe so.

However, when everyone in the world is up to recycling their mobile phones, I have strong convincing reasons for you to say YES in such a case.  Irrespective of who you are and in which country you live, if the latest Australian news is to be believed, recycling of mobile phones is extremely beneficial for one and all.  Just imagine that Australia has many more number of unpopulated areas as compared to the UK, and their purchase of batteries exceeds 345 million, out of which around 1.8 million are actually car batteries.  It only goes to prove that majority of batteries are purchased for cell phones.

All kinds of batteries pose a major threat to our planet earth and if they do not get disposed of properly, they can penetrate the earth and the nasty chemicals will kill the earth harming everyone directly and indirectly.  Since a large number of cell phone batteries are now spreading all across the world, if we do not take steps to control the situation, it won’t be long before they become the top reason of earth’s destruction.

If the reasons above are not attractive enough already, think of mobile phone recycling as a green activity which can also fetch you some extra cash, depending upon the type of mobile phone, its condition as well as its resale value.

Nov 11

Donation for Cell Phone Recycling

To encourage more and more people for recycling their old mobile phones, companies are doing quite a lot.

One of the North American companies has announced its new promotion for cell phone recycling.  The promotion talks about donation which will be made by the company to charities such as JDFR or the American Diabetes, each time a phone is recycled from November 14th to November 23rd.  American Diabetes is basically a charity for Juvenile Diabetes which works towards spreading awareness on the causes of the disease and how one can manage it.

This is just one of the moves from an American company which proves that many companies nowadays are showing an interest in ensuring that cell phones are recycled towards protection of the environment and for helping others.  While the promotion and charity efforts are focussed in the USA, the UK citizens too have many opportunities to contribute to their community by recycling their old mobile phones.  It essentially means that by opting to recycle an old phone, it will not get added into a dump and somebody somewhere in need will get a chance to use it.

Cell phones are important to all for different reasons.  For instance, parents can contact their children whenever there is a need, and even children can get in touch with their parents in emergency situations if they have mobile phones.  Families which are not able to afford new cell phones can make use of affordable and recycled models.

Nov 11

The recent launch of the new iPhone 4S created a new pattern of mobile phone recycling.

The recent launch of the new iPhone 4S created a new pattern of mobile phone recycling.

Servers throughout the world got clogged with queries pertaining to the latest iPhone 4S and the process of mobile phone recycling. Maximum number of queries were received from areas where it were primarily the Android and Blackberry phones getting turned in for the new Apple iPhone 4S.

A jump of close to 72% was observed in the number of mobile phones getting traded in. The process is about giving an old mobile phone for recycling to a company that will offer a small discount on the purchase of the new iPhone. Exactly as Apple had expected, iPhone 4S is highly in demand. Industry analysts are hoping that this push will make consumers more and more aware about the benefits of mobile recycling, both for the environment as well as for personal finances.

As it is mostly the Android and Blackberry phones that are getting recycled, it goes to show the popularity of iPhones vis-à-vis the other smart phone models. Experts are referring to this as the ‘iPhone Effect’ as every time a new iPhone is introduced, millions of old phones are turned in.

Even though a great multitude of people turn in their old mobiles, there are still many who are unable to do so. These people opt to shop for old versions of current hot favourites as an alternative. At least it helps them to upgrade from their current models.