October, 2011

Oct 11

Old Mobile Phones Needed

Did you know that apart from clearing some unused scrap from your office space or your cupboard, mobile phone recycling offers some more advantages?

Many are still debating about old cell phones and Nokia is one among the several companies which have completed studies on how many people actually recycle their old cell phones.  And if you are like majority of the mobile phone population, then you too are a part of that 91% which is yet to take the benefit of cell phone recycling.  True but shocking it is, that presently only nine per cent of Europeans, including the users in the UK, make an effort to recycle their cell phones.

For many, there is a barrier in understanding the entire process of mobile phone recycling, but it is highly convenient and simpler to recycle an old phone.  Apart from protecting the environment, the minerals like the platinum, gold and palladium contained in old phones are reused while the plastic is melted down and remoulded after the recycling process.  The toxins contained in the phone as well as in the old batteries are extremely harmful and recycling helps to get rid of them. Mobile Recycling Online guides will help to provide more details regarding this issue.

If one initiates the recycling process of old phones, it is not just convenient but also offers good incentives.  Cash is generally the first option, but the phone has to be in a reusable condition so it can be sold again after refurbishment.  There are other types of incentives for phones working on older technology.  So go ahead and take the first step in protecting your world.

Oct 11

Save Money on Your New Mobile Purchase by Opting for Mobile Phone Recycling

Now you can save money on your new mobile phone purchase by turning in your old phone for recycling.

Are you facing financial troubles, but still want to get a new mobile phone contract? If yes, you can bank on your old mobile phone(s) by turning them in for recycling and earning some cash for them. A large number of people usually have at least one or more old mobile phone besides the one they are presently using. A recycling company will be happy to pay for them. However, it is not without certain limitations based on the make, model and age of the old mobile phone. Any phone that works on the obsolete 2G technology is usually given the shape of brand new product. Many recycling companies refrain from paying for the older models as they don’t find it profitable to refurbish and sell them.

Any old mobile phone capable of refurbishing and recycling will easily earn you some cash. The amount of money earned will depend on the type of the phone. SmartPhones fetch better amount any day in comparison to old models.

Other factors that come into play are the camera resolution, screen type etc. Every year, a lot of mobile phone models are launched. When your contract expires, it is important that you determine the value you can obtain for the old model in exchange of a newer one.

Oct 11

Save the Planet: Choose to Trade in Your Old Phone

Global warming – not only are we in the UK experiencing it as temperatures are soaring and influencing our daily lives, but even countries in Europe, the Middle East and the US are facing the same issue.  Temperatures in the northern hemisphere, a few years back, were much lower and colder than what they are at present.  It is solely due to our own use of planet earth.

Even though most of us religiously recycle products and make an effort to contribute to a greener earth, there are still plenty who do not.  Without a thought, the rubbish is discarded without removing electronics, newspapers and other products which are harmful to the environment.

When you or for that matter, any one, throws mobile phones in the bin, it poses a great danger.  Batteries are extremely toxic when shoved in landfills and this toxicity can spread into the food, water and other essential areas posing a tremendous threat to our future generations.

What hurts me is that even though recycling is so very simple in recent years, people are still reluctant to do so.  It is just so easy to recycle all toxic products and do our part in saving the earth.  Get connected to the internet, check what is being offered for your old phone, send it for recycling and accept the money offered.  You will be rewarded in cash for taking a step towards reducing the harmful impact on the environment.  If recycling benefits don’t attract you enough, at least the monetary benefits will.