September, 2011

Sep 11

Recycling an Old Mobile Before its Worth Goes Down

If statistics are to be believed, an average resident in the UK changes his or her cell phone every 18 months.

Talking about the comparison between the population in the UK and most residents choosing to upgrade their cell phone every 18 months, it is frustrating to know that a huge amount of cell phones are just left lying around.  The sad thing is that the majority of these old cell phones just end up in trash instead of being recycled.  As a result, it goes to some location on earth and adds to the existing toxins.  You can simply help in avoiding this: just recycle your old mobile phone.  And there are two options when it comes to a recycling plant – they can either dispose off the old phone properly or resell it.

As far as the disposal process is concerned, the company generally breaks down the mobile phone so that the batteries as well as the other toxic elements are properly disposed off.  The plastic components of the phone are sent for processing to the recycling centre where it is melted down and reformed into a new product altogether.  It is amazing to see that some newer model cell phones are still in a usable condition.  A person may just buy them if he wants a cheaper phone or even upgrade from an existing one.

There comes a point when mobile phones become completely worthless.  This happens when the technology becomes too old and they cannot be resold.  So in your best interests to recycle as early as you can to get the best price.

Sep 11

Utilities on Your Mobile Phone

Many mobile phone models are made specifically keeping the visual appearance in mind. However, the new Sonim XP5300 Force 3G is more inclined towards utility and functionality.

Owning a mobile phone that you are comfortable using and working with is much better than one that only looks visually attractive. The Sonim is a ‘tough’ phone and is capable of surviving for around an hour in two meters of water. It can even live through a fall from two meter height on to a concrete surface. It’s Corning Gorilla glass can put up with scratches and shock without resulting in any damage to the phone. The spaced out keys make it possible for the phone to be used even with gloves. It appears as though the phone was made specifically keeping the working conditions at job sites like road works and construction in mind.

In addition, the water survival feature makes this phone the perfect choice for mothers with little children. Stories of children dropping mobile phones in water are quite common nowadays. In fact, it hasn’t been even a week that I heard of a one year old who dropped his mother’s phone in water. A rough and tough Sonim XP5300 can save you some money on replacement and insurance expenses too.

If you wish to upgrade to this phone and are undecided on the fate of your current working phone, give mobile phone recycling a thought. Recycling your old mobile will even fetch you some handy cash that you can use for your purchase of new phone.

Sep 11

Samsung Introduces Mobile Hybrid Tablet – Galaxy Note at IFA

Samsung introduced a mobile and tablet hybrid at the recently held IFA in Berlin on September 1st, 2011.

With regard to the size, the device is almost two times the normal Smartphone and half the size of a conventional tablet PC. This means that Samsung had to create a completely new category of technology.

Samsung’s executive vice president and global sales and marketing head, DJ Lee informed that Galaxy Note has been developed keeping a large section of users in mind who use small notebooks for the purpose of jotting down ideas. Samsung has included a stowaway stylus to help such users draw, take notes and grab screen captures easily.

The hybrid is an Android device running on Gingerbread (2.3). Some of the features of this mini tablet are 2megapixels and 8megapixels dual camera, 5.3inch touch screen (1280 x 800 Super AMOLED), 1.4GHz processor, removable 2500mAh battery, LTE and HSPA+. The device is very thin and light too at 9.65mm and 178 grams.

The Android OS has TouchWiz having seven home screens optimised to utilize the stylus device (called ‘S Pen’) the best. Few of the programmes on the device are a native calendar, a to-do list app and an S Planner.

Samsung is not yet sure about the first place to receive the Galaxy Note. It will be some time before we get any more updates on that.

Sep 11

Phone Hacking Scandal Accused Names to be Kept Private

The Guardian recently reported that the News of the World phone hacking scandal accused names will not be made public. There were many journalists of the News of the World who instructed a private detective to hack the phones of six public figures. Their names will not be made public after the intervention of Scotland Yard.

The names of these individuals were handed over by the News of the World PI Glenn Mulcaire to Steve Coogan, in response to a high court order. Many celebrities and Coogan have sued NOTW for privacy breach. Coogan’s solicitors have been advised to not disclose the names.

One of the solicitors stated that it is not that Coogan wants to keep things confidential, but it is the police that want him to keep things under wraps. The solicitor did not want Coogan to breach court orders with regard to this matter.

Reading the report further, it becomes clear that all of it has become somewhat of a mess, with NOTW abandoning Mulcaire and him trying to bring up various allegations from different quarters as people’s demand to bring more transparency into the matter becomes more vocal.

The hackers names being made public or not is entirely a matter of opinion. What I feel is that this whole episode must be looked upon as a cautionary tale. People must protect their mobile phones with PINs, passwords and locking features. When you opt for mobile phone recycling, you must always delete your personal data before you dispose it off.