PSCW Urges Indian Women to Concentrate on Domestic Life Instead of Mobiles

An article I read lately on Global Post delved into a recent Punjab State Commission for Women’s official advisory urging the newly married brides to abstain from long mobile phone conversations. It asked the brides to focus on their domestic lives instead, or else their husbands might get upset.

According to Gurdev Kaur Sangha, the Commission’s head:

-        Almost 40% of women consider taking divorce on the basis that their life partners and in-laws do not like their mobile phone conversations with their friends or parents.

-        Many husbands had begun doubting their wives’ characters and accused them of talking to their ex-boyfriends.

-        This in turn had been leading to a sharp increase in sexual harassment and domestic violence related complaints.

AFP informs that most of the times these brides are talking with their parents and are updating them about their routines in their new homes. But the advisory terms even this as damaging to their relationship.

It is astounding how certain actions are perceived differently in different cultures. What is even more surprising is how some governments feel that it is their right to interfere with the personal lives of people. While we agree that someone chatting incessantly on phone can be very annoying, it is fine in this scenario as these newly married brides only seek some security in the voices of their parents.

Still, there is a lesson that can be learned from this episode: Are we neglecting people around us by being too engrossed in mobile phone conversations all the time? We must always remember that mobiles were made for us; we were not made for mobiles.

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