May, 2011

May 11

The new 2011 Summer Smartphone Releases

Many new smartphones have either arrived a while ago or will be launched soon between now and the month of September.  They are sure to please the most of us!

HTC Evo 4G:  With a 4.3 inches screen and Android 2.1 OS, the phone is powered with 8 megapixel camera, Mobile Hotspot, HDMI output, HD video capture and even voice-to-text capability.

HTC ChaCha:  Featuring a complete QWERTY keypad and a 5 megapixel camera, this phone is an Android with HTC Sense technology and has a dedicated Facebook button.

HTC Evo 3D:  One does not need any glasses for this 3D smartphone.  It comes with a 4.3 inches screen, Android OS, 3G and 4G Mobile Hotspot as well as 1.2 GHz dual core processor.

Samsung Droid Charge:  Thinnest ever 4G LTE offered by Verizon, Samsung Droid Charge has Android 2.2 OS, 32GB memory card slot and 4.3 inches display screen.

Samsung Galaxy S II:  Sleek and slim with only 8.49mm thickness, it is a dual core processor with Android 2.3 OS.

LG Revolution:  An Android phone coupled with 4G capability, HDMI output, 4.3 inches screen and preloaded Netflix.

Apple iPhone 5:  Not confirmed as yet, but this phone is expected to have an end-to-end screen, NFC technology and 4G connectivity amongst other capabilities.

RIM Blackberry Bold 9900:  Having the thinnest design so far, this new Blackberry smartphone has 8GB memory, HD video recording, Blackberry 7 OS, NFC capabilities, dual band Wi-Fi and a 1.2GHz processor.

Motorola Droid Bionic:  It is equipped with the latest 4.3 inch quarter high definition screen, 4G networking, HD video streaming, 8 megapixel camera and dual core processor.

Additionally, the much anticipated iPhone 4, which was launched in white colour late last month, is now available in many countries including the UK.

May 11

Current US Debate: Should the Police Have a Search Warrant to Examine an Individual’s Smartphone?

Earlier this morning, I read on Reuters about an ongoing debate in the Oregon’s Supreme Court whether the state police needs to have a valid search warrant before peeping into the data stored in an individual’s smartphone or not. Later, I discovered that Oregon is not the only place in USA where this question has been raised. This debate has in fact taken all of the USA by storm. As it appears right now, the opinions seem divided.

The police in USA must acquire a search warrant by convincing the judge that they have all valid reasons to suspect that the person concerned might have evidence of law breaking in his/her property or home – be it guns, drugs, computer files or anything else. However, in a scenario where an individual is already under suspicion or arrest, the police do not need a search warrant and are free to look through whatever the individual might have on him/her – handbag, wallet, pockets, purse etc. The critical question is whether this freedom to search is applicable on smartphones too?

Smartphones are a grey area when it comes to the matter of search, as it is not just about listening in on a telephonic conversation, but about checking confidential personal details like contacts, calendars, credit card pins, emails etc. that we all store in our smartphones. Are the police allowed to go through them without a search warrant? Another question could be – Does the police have the right to search a phone despite having a warrant, but the warrant not specifically stating that the smartphone needs to be searched as well?

May 11

Photographers Now Have Five More Reasons to Love iPhones recently published an article which our photograph-taking readers will definitely find interesting.  Though it focused on the iPhone specifically, I must tell you that it also holds true for the Android phones.

Though a digital SLR comes nowhere in comparison to taking photographs through a smartphone, but the technology nowadays in cell phone camera and video taking capabilities is extremely advanced to be able to figure out the difference.  In fact, with new apps in the market, one can even do certain things which an SLR still cannot.

Below are some of the iPhone apps that photographers will really love, but Android users do not need to feel disappointed as similarly cool applications are available even in the Android market:

1.Colour Splash:  The app allows users to leave a full colour splash wherever desired on the photograph, once they have been converted into black and white images.

2.Dropbox:  Allowing almost 2 GB of cloud storage, absolutely free, the Dropbox iPhone application helps in uploading multiple photographs at the same time.

3.Photoshop Express for iPhone:  This app comprises of all the basic essentials assembled in a practical way, making it easy and simple to use.

4.Instagram:  Combining photo effects with photograph sharing, Instagram enables applying of visual effects to images before being uploaded to Flickr, Twitter, Facebook etc.

5.Photosynth:  Allowing you to create synths, this Microsoft application helps to create single interactive scene from a bunch of closely located pictures.

May 11

Mobile Phone Stolen From a Woman Dying on Pavement

In a bizarre incident reported by the papers yesterday, a man from Manchester saw a young lady fallen from a car park who almost dying on the pavement but instead of helping her out in this difficult situation, he walked up to her and took away her mobile phone.  Shockingly, he did not even try and comfort her or render any assistance to her.  Seeing her giving him attention, he stole her mobile and just walked away.  The young girl unfortunately died later in the hospital.

Though I came across the news story yesterday, I just thought of writing about it, as one never knows who may find this information relevant and important.  Also because we have customers from Manchester, this piece of news could come handy.

The man from Manchester has now been arrested since the incident was captured by the CCTV.  It was a bit late since he had already given that mobile to another person for £20.  The next step for police is to figure out whom the mobile phone has been sold to.  It will need to be returned to the lady’s parents who can further contact all her friends.

This incident also brings to light the important role that mobile phones play in our life.  Since the lady was in her 20s, one can easily assume that she mostly lived her life on her cell phone.  The thief probably never thought about the big picture that the phone could have actually saved her.

May 11

How Much Can I Make From My Old Smartphone?

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May 11

Possibility of Edge to Edge Screen in iPhone 5

The speculations on how the new iPhone 5 will look like are already doing the rounds, as it is expected to be launched in the month of September this year.  If rumours from PC World are to be believed, the new iPhone may have an edge-to-edge screen, unlike the previous versions where one could see the black plastic bezel.  The evidence behind these rumours happens to be a phone case manufacturer from China, who is actually selling this new phone case terming it as a crystal case with the newest design meant specifically for the Apple’s iPhone 5G.  The new Chinese phone case also has a different location for its rear camera flash as compared to the previous iPhone 4.  However, it is hard to say whether this new design is based on any leaked information.

Not only are the Apple fans speculating about the new smartphone’s camera location and its screen size, but are also guessing what the name of this new iPhone will be.  It is yet to be seen whether it will be the most easily predicted iPhone 5 (to continue with the series) or will it be something different like an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4G, or may be a new name altogether?

The whole 4G concept is very confusing especially after AT&T started renaming its’ not quite 4G smartphones as 4G and began marketing accordingly.  They are labelling their phones as 4G even though the HSPA in them is not active.

May 11

Bees Paying the Price for Our Mobile Phone Usage

Over the last weekend, one of my friends had sent me a link to a certain story about a study which shows how bees all over the world are affected by the signals from mobile phones, and remain so for a period of 12 hours after coming in contact with them. This study can help solve the mystery behind rapidly declining bee population throughout the world.

USA’s Bee Troubles

As the whole world witnesses a steep decline in its bee population, USA provides a good example of events or things that might have triggered this decline. 1980s witnessed the USA suffering a serious blow to its population of honeybees, primarily owing to parasitic mites’ breakout and excessive insecticide usage. During that time, farmers had started hiring bees to save their crops. The period between 2006 and 2007 saw another major disruption in the bee population because of the popularly known, “colony collapse disorder.” In this, traditionally thriving bee boxes were found empty after the passing of winter season. The reasons of the collapse were never found, but people are hopeful that this new study will be able to provide some answers.

The Significance of Bees

Bees are known to be significant agents of cross-pollination and thus play a major role in the sustenance of our environment. There are many plants that depend entirely on certain breeds of bees for their survival and reproduction. Kill those bees and you’ll end up killing the related crops as well. With the failing of crops, the foodstuffs are bound to become scarce and even ceasing to exist in some cases. Well, you can guess the widespread implications it can have.

Although mobiles are not the only reason behind the rapidly dropping bee population, gaining knowledge about their negative effects can help us all in discovering solutions to negate their impact on our bees.

May 11

How Much Money Can I Make by Selling Off My Old Mobile Phone?

Spring is literally the time for spring cleaning. So with the summer approaching, the time is right to clear all the clutter from your home. It’s even better if you can earn some money along the way too. You can do all this by selling your old mobile.

Your old mobile might be lying around at your place like worthless junk, but someone else might be able to make good use of it if you sell it and the benefits will accrue to both you and the buyer:

  • Firstly, you will make money on the sale of your old mobile.
  • Your old mobile can be resold after minor repairs to someone here or even to someone living in a developing economy. Mobile phones, these days are responsible for many great revolutions in the field of healthcare as well as for providing information to economically weaker communities. A Google search on this topic will throw up many stories and articles to vouch for the fact that there is improvement in community life through the use of mobile phones.
  • The working components of your mobile can be worth something as these components can be joined together with other parts for the creation of new mobiles.
  • Recycling of the pieces and metals of your old mobile will enable you to also do something for the environment. Not only will the use of your old mobile parts help reduce the mining required to get metal for manufacturing of new parts, but the recycling will also help reduce the amount of toxic waste that dominates out landfills.

Sell Your Old Mobile is the answer to your question “What is my old mobile worth?” We can update you with the prices that the top UK recyclers are paying, based on you make and model and can thus ensure that your old mobile fetches you the best price.

May 11

PSCW Urges Indian Women to Concentrate on Domestic Life Instead of Mobiles

An article I read lately on Global Post delved into a recent Punjab State Commission for Women’s official advisory urging the newly married brides to abstain from long mobile phone conversations. It asked the brides to focus on their domestic lives instead, or else their husbands might get upset.

According to Gurdev Kaur Sangha, the Commission’s head:

-        Almost 40% of women consider taking divorce on the basis that their life partners and in-laws do not like their mobile phone conversations with their friends or parents.

-        Many husbands had begun doubting their wives’ characters and accused them of talking to their ex-boyfriends.

-        This in turn had been leading to a sharp increase in sexual harassment and domestic violence related complaints.

AFP informs that most of the times these brides are talking with their parents and are updating them about their routines in their new homes. But the advisory terms even this as damaging to their relationship.

It is astounding how certain actions are perceived differently in different cultures. What is even more surprising is how some governments feel that it is their right to interfere with the personal lives of people. While we agree that someone chatting incessantly on phone can be very annoying, it is fine in this scenario as these newly married brides only seek some security in the voices of their parents.

Still, there is a lesson that can be learned from this episode: Are we neglecting people around us by being too engrossed in mobile phone conversations all the time? We must always remember that mobiles were made for us; we were not made for mobiles.

May 11

Orange and Sony Team up Again and Rope in DJ David Guetta for a Worldwide Campaign

As per an article I read recently on New Media Age (original source being Marketing Week), Orange and Sony Ericsson have teamed up once again to renew their entertainment partnership. They are all set to launch a new global marketing campaign that will feature DJ David Guetta.

The marketing endeavour will be focused solely on music and to that end Orange will extend its streaming music service, which until now was restricted till France only.

You may remember some of the earlier Sony and Orange campaigns regarding the Walkman mobile, which also featured Christina Aguilera.

For all of you who might be worrying if Orange will be able to handle it all, considering it is already involved with UEFA Euro 2012 and the cinema ticket offer – Orange Wednesdays, there is no reason to worry as the company is confident and has the right people to do justice to all initiatives.

In the words of Orange’s Vice President of Devices, Patrick Remy, the company’s global entertainment approach is a part of enhancing its customers’ experience only. Orange is determined to become the most loved operator one day and treats music as a key element in improving its relationship with its customers. Hence, it’s very important for the company that its customers have a delightful time.

If you’re a Guetta fan, you would be happy to know that this marketing campaign will coincide with Guetta’s new album release at the time of the summer festival season, a little ahead of the back-to-school push.

Orange is not the first service provider to venture into music; last month, the rival carrier O2 released its private YouTube channel in collaboration with Tinie Tempah. They apparently staged what O2 terms as the first ever ‘flash exit’.