What is it with Aeroplanes and Mobiles in the US?

We all know that traditionally the usage of mobile phones was prohibited on aeroplanes. There was a recent article about a teenager being punched by a man, when the former refused to pay heed to the instructions announced by the overhead announcement for landing. This has led to discussions over the possible reasons for prohibiting mobile phones on flights even now, especially for those in USA.

It is possible to install specific equipment in the Asia, Middle East and European airlines to allow passengers to indulge in mobile phone usage. However, federal regulations do not approve of in-flight calls on phones in the US domestic flights. In fact, service providers offering broadband services in the flight have been requested to block VoIP calls too, even though they are not banned in the country itself.

One would wonder why this is being done especially in US. In fact, passengers flying in US would soon be the only ones to be unreachable on phone if the latest trends were to be believed. US is going further behind in this arena.

People have been allowed to use mobile phones on Emirates airlines for over 3 years now. In fact, according to an Emirates VP, Patrick Brannelly, as told in an MSN Today Travel interview, about 15,000 – 20000 calls have been made on an average in a month on Emirates flights last year. This would leave a lot of people wondering why it cannot be done in USA if it could be done over there.

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