September, 2010

Sep 10

Are You Being Offered the Best Price for Your Old Mobile Phone?

One afternoon on a Friday, I went with one of my friends to buy a mobile phone for him. He wanted a SIM-free cell with a QWERTY keyboard. We walked around for some time, and I showed him the various types of smartphones available. He chose a Nokia C6-00. It is not very special, but he likes it best.

While paying for his phone, the salesman said that we could sell our old mobile and get some money in return for the current purchase. Having a keen interest in mobile phone recycling, I instantly asked some questions. As anticipated, the results confirmed my view that if you do not visit a mobile phone recycling site, like SellYourOldMobile for instance, chances are that you will miss out on something much better.

When visiting a recycling site to check upon your phone’s value, you generally operate under the presumption that recycling prices are generally in the same line. But it is far from truth; recycling prices may not even be on the same plane.

Like the vendor I was talking about earlier offered around £5.40 for one used Nokia 6288, but at I found out that I can easily get £13.70 from someone else. I repeated this with three more mobiles, and the result was the same – better offers through

Thus, if you are unsure as to whether you are being offered the best price for your old cellular phone, remember that all sites are different. Come to us at and we will greet you with the best of deals.

Sep 10

Why should you recycle your old mobile phone?

I have spoken to a number of people regarding phone recycling in the past couple of years. So, I really get shocked when I meet a person who does not know about it. There are a numbers of reasons to opt for recycling mobile phones instead of just throwing them away.

First, there is this cash angle to it. Christmas is just round the corner, and I might utilize the money for some gifts or a brand new dress. On the other hand, I can even buy a ski jumper or something I really need these winter holidays. I might also be able to manage my heating bills better, and use my thermostat a bit more often. Just a bit of more cash can make life so easy.

But that’s not all that there is to mobile recycling – there is the environmental factor as well. I feel good to think that this will help to decrease landfill waste, keep the harmful chemicals away from land and water, and give my mobile a chance to be recycled and used by someone for whom it might be the first glint of technology he has ever used. It pleases me to think of it that way, more so because it can really be achieved.

This is why you should recycle your old mobile phone for cash. And everyone should willingly opt for it.

Sep 10

How will you determine the best selling cost for your old mobile phone?

Visiting a site comparing the prices for old mobile phones, such as, makes it easier for you to determine the best price you mobile would sell for. We collect relevant data from different kinds of recyclers and make a list so that it is easy for you to choose. So, if you are planning to trade your old mobile, just get in touch with us.

Our website is very simple and easy to use. In case you are aware of the manufacturer and your phone model, just enter the details in the search box. In case you are not sure about your model, you just have to select the manufacturer’s name and the photos on the site will help you to decide the model name. Once you have identified your model, you will find a list of all those recyclers who buy that model together with their offered prices.

The cell phone recycling industry is never stagnant; the prices are always changing according to demand and supply. Therefore, if it has been quite some time that you have not checked the prices, please do. You never know if you happen to come across an offer you can’t let go.

Thanks to this eco-friendly thinking and the global recession, the demand for refurbished cellular phones is on the rise. So if you happen to have a few old mobile to spare, it is time to recycled them. You can earn some cash or even a voucher, in case you prefer that.

So in case you are worried about, “how will you determine the best selling cost for your old mobile phone,” then we at will help you with that.

Sep 10

Get your mobile valuated at

In case you are willing to recycle an old mobile you own, it will be best if you approach a comparison site for getting your mobile valued – and is best in this regard.

In the UK, SellYourOldMobile is one of the most preferred comparison site. This surely proves that we are among the people’s first choice when it comes mobile recycling.

As we compare more cell phone buyers than most of our competitors, using will definitely mean you will get the best offer there is. It will also help save your time, as we have already done all the groundwork for you.

Just visit and you will not have to look at different websites that relate to the model and make of your cell phone for quotes. We have already taken care of that for you! You just have to enter the details for your cell, and a list of all the offers as well as buyer features would be in front of you in no time! Decide who you want to sell to from this list. We have also provided a link listing all our buyer’s websites. Although it might take hours for you to accomplish this task all by yourself, will do it for you in minutes!

In case you are willing to recycle an old mobile of yours, just take a look at our website. It has all the info you need.

Get your mobile valuated at today!

Sep 10

How much do you think your mobile costs?

Just lying in a corner of your drawer, it is worth absolutely nothing; however, if recycled, it may actually be put to good use.

There is more to recycling cellular phones than just making a bit of quick money – although it does feel good to get paid for something useless. Recycling these phones is advantageous to our environment, as it keeps dangerous wastes away from our land, water and soil. It greatly reduces the effort required for mining metals that find their way into bits. This is also about aiding those deprived, by helping in making refurbished mobile phones that are despatched abroad to be used in humanitarian programmes.

Every bit that is reusable is put to good use if you sell your phone for points or vouchers or cash. Phones that still work are repaired and thereafter, sent out to be used again. Broken phones are disassembled for parts that can be used to make new handsets. Bits that are absolutely useless are then sent for recycling.

Recycling your cell phones means a lot more than just a way of earning extra money.

How much do you think your mobile costs? For our Mother Earth, it is very valuable. To somebody from an under developed country, it may be the first step towards technological progress. For you, it may just be a means to earn some much-needed cash, especially in times of dire need.

So, what if I ask – How much do you think your mobile costs? Let us try and find out.

Sep 10

How much is your mobile worth – find out at is the place to come to if you want to find out how much your old mobile phone is worth. It really couldn’t be easier – you simply just need to select the make and model of your unwanted phone in our handy search box. We will then tell you which of the leading recyclers will give you the best price for your handset – simple!

Perhaps you find a handset you had totally forgotten about at the back of drawer in your house – let’s admit it, this has happened to all of us at one point or another – what do you do with it? Throw it in the bin? Doing that means it will end up in a landfill site somewhere. The best option is to send it to a recycler who will be able to use it, either for spares or even to recondition and sell on.

You would be surprised how much you could get for some of the oldest handsets – for example an LG GW520 is currently priced at £30.00. All you need to do is fill out a simple form, pop the phone into an envelope and send to the recycler – they will then send payment straight out to you. Easy!

We use only the best and most reliable recyclers – including Envirofone, Money 4 Your Mobile, Mazuma Mobile, Mopay, Mobile Phone Xchange and even the Post Office’s recycling division ‘Simply Drop Recycling’. By coming to you can be assured that selling your mobile is as easy as one, two, three!

Sep 10

Struggling With Your Finances? Sell Your Old Mobiles!

Yes, that’s right; if you are having a hard month in terms of finances and need to pay those emergency bills or have some repairs to make on your car then selling your old mobiles may just be able to help you out.

We all have certain payments that pop up out the blue especially if you own a car. The times many people have forgot about M.O.T.’s, Tax Renewals, Services, and Insurance Renewals, are very high and these things can really be a burden if you don’t have any spare cash left over for the month.

If you dig out all your old phones you can earn hundreds of pounds just by trading them in to recycle sites across the UK, better still – sell them through comparison websites who compare all the leading UK phone buyers so you are guaranteed the best price possible!

Of course, some phones may not be worth much however there are plenty of mobile phones that can bring in over £100 per handset and if you happen to have two or three lying around then you are in luck! Especially if they happen to be an iPhone which can see you get a good couple of hundred back for one handset.

Even if you have cash to pay for unexpected bills, it’s a nice little cash return that you can use for a weekend break somewhere to get over the stresses of everyday life, courtesy of selling your phone online!